Betty Descovich

"Encaustic has Taken My Paintings into Different Realms and Dimensions."

Margaret came to my home and gave me some lessons and I was hooked. This ancient art form opened up another form of creativity for me. Despite Margaret showing me how to paint lovely tranquil scenes, my art takes its own course, and totally different effects are created.

Much of my art seems to resemble under-water caves and caverns and flowing colours on the walls. I’ve always liked caves, and I think this subconsciously comes out in my paintings.
I’m not an artist in the normal sense of the word, but using encaustic has taken my paintings into different realms and dimensions. AND I LOVE IT.

I had won a prize at the local show, and from there was asked to have an exhibition of my works at the Wondai Art Gallery. For me, this is not an art form that allows me to paint a scene form a photograph, as other artists are able to do. Mine have a life all their own.

I enjoy the seemingly endless variety of images that are created. The iron often seems to be in control of the other-worldly paintings. Often faces and animals appear that I couldn’t have actually drawn there. As one of the other featured artists commented, it takes on mystical qualities.

Thank you Margaret and Ian, your encaustic art has been such a source of happiness and wonderment to me since I first saw it.