Coralie Beattie

Coralie’s speciality are incredible trees and waterfalls.

We We first met Coralie at an open air market in Port Macquarie in 1999. The occasion was memorable because the crowds had just arrived when the heavens opened and we were drenched. Even though the trading had come to an abrupt halt Coralie had seen enough to make up her mind to obtain and iron and wax.

We later learned that she had not painted since her early school years and that her father was a professional artist. She quickly became proficient and spent many weekends at local markets and fairs as well as craft shows. She gained her teacher accreditation and some of her pictures can be seen here. Many people on tourist coaches have visited her studio to witness her demonstrations of painting with beeswax.

Coralie’s speciality are incredible trees and waterfalls and there are several examples here. We remember well the painting she gave us of her “Castles on the Lake” which measured 42cm by 29.5 cm and had to be copied in two parts.