Jean Hurley

Jean Specialises in Developing Wax Art

Jean first saw Margaret demonstrating at an open air function celebrating Australia Day in the year 2000. Whilst attracted to the wax images from the start it took a few visits to the stand during to course of the day to convince her to take up the magic of painting with wax. After a lesson from Margaret and a bit of practice she quickly developed her own style and took over local demonstrations from Margaret whilst she was away travelling.

Very successful attendances at the annual Sir William Dobell Festival at Rathmines, the Newcastle and Morisset Shows, Newcastle Art Society’s annual Art Exhibition and numerous other venues have followed over the years. Jean specialises in developing wax art with various forms of craft such as paper toll, scrapbooking, and card making in general. Several examples of her expertise can be seen here. In recent times she has obtained an A2 Hotplate and is busy mastering that equipment.