Maryke De Vries

"I Was Instantly Blown Away by the Amazing Paintings"

In 2005 I happen to be at a CMCA (Caravan and Motor Home Club of Australia) members market,and found Margaret Hesford demonstrating painting with coloured bees wax. I was instantly blown away by the amazing paintings which developed in a very short time. I said to my husband I would love a kit for my up coming birthday, but that request fell on deaf ears, so empty handed I left.

Some weeks later after painting with a friends iron and waxes, there was no stopping me and I ordered a kit for myself and have no regrets in doing so. I’ve had many hours of joy and pleasure painting and finding my own techniques.

Ten years on and I still enjoy painting for pleasure and demonstrating at craft groups as we travel around Australia. At some caravan parks I love letting the children have a try and it is so rewarding to see them leave with a painting they achieved on their own.

I’ve given lessons on our travels, the reward is seeing others enjoying this amazing art form which gives me a lot of pleasure.