Sister Maria Goretti

"I have Always Found Art in Various Forms Very Therapeutic"

In 2004 while attending “Stitches and Craft in Brisbane, I was introduced to Encaustic Painting with Beeswax by Margaret and Ian Hesford. Margaret noticed I was interested and suggested I “give it a go……”which I did. I knew at once it had great potential and since thenI have made cards, gift and fridge tags scenes and I’ve alsopainted on Ostrich, Emu and Goose eggs. The most exciting part is that the topic need not be planned, just choose the colour, iron and immediately the imagination does the rest. I highly recommend Encaustic Painting with Wax as a relaxing, inspiring and fun form of Art.

In September this year we had the pleasure of having lunch with Sister Maria and were amazed at her conversion of a laundry to an art and craft studio in her one bedroom flat.