Vivid Pack of 16 Brighter Colours

Encaustic wax is a mixture of beeswax and pigment and melts at 62-70deg. C. There are 48 colours available. Waxes can be melted and mixed together to create other colours and shades as required. All wax carries the CE certificate of purity.

The coated painting card used has a smooth gloss finish. The wax sits on the surface rather than being absorbed into the card. This means that the wax can be remelted at any time without affecting the white card underneath

Wax colours may vary slightly from on-screen colours. Mixers are a little thicker than some of the other colours and as “true” to their pure colour as possible

Colours supplied in Vivid pack are as follows:-

33 Pastel Mint 34 Pastel Coral 35 Pastel Cream 36 Neon Red

37 Neon Pink 38 Neon Orange 39 Neon Yellow 40 Neon Green

41 Neon Blue 42 Magenta Mixer 43 Brighr red 44 Mid Yellow mixer

45 Sap Green mixer 46 Cyan Blue mixer 47 Indigo Mixer 48 Purple mixer